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Tuesday, March 03 2015

For professionals & educators

Anger and Resentment

Why your anger management treatment didn't work

Save Your Love, Marriage, Children, Job, Health

The tests on this page are designed to measure the kind of anger that anger management

classes fail to address.


  Anger Management Quiz
  Resentment Test
  Impatience Test

  Anger Junkie Description/Test
  Love, Anger, and Family Test

Anger Problems

Anger management quotes

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For professionals & educators















For professionals & educators

Impatience Test
Save Your Marriage, Children, Job, Health

When you're in a hurry or need to get things done or just in the course of an ordinary day, do you:
  • Lose track of other people's perspectives? ____
  • Understand how they feel? ____
  • Care how they feel? ____
  • Think only about the way things should be handled? ____
  • Understand how they feel? ____
  • Feel disgusted by other people's choices? ____
  • Feel taken advantage of? ____
  • Held back? ____
  • Manipulated? ____
  • Like hardly anything works the way it should? ____
  • Like the world is full of jerks? ____


Anger Junkie

Love, anger, and violence at home test















































For professionals & educators

Love, Anger, and Violence at Home Test

Save Your Marriage, Children, Job, Health

When I am angry at my spouse (or significant other) and I think about his or her point of view or how she is feeling:
  1. I feel angrier ____
  2. I feel kinder ____
  3. I feel warmer ____
  4. I feel furious ____
  5. I don't care about his or her point of view, at least not until I cool down ____
  6. I feel patient ____
  7. I feel like I should give support and sympathy ____
  8. I feel like I should apologize for hurting his or her feelings ____
  9. I feel charitable, forgiving ____
  10. I find that I can't think about what he or she is feeling until I calm down ____
  11. I wish he or she would just see it the right way ____
  12. Why should I see it their way, they don't see my point of view ____

Subtract checks on b, c, f, g, h, i from checks on a, d, e, j, k, l.