Chronic Resentment, Anger, or Emotional Abuse Treatment
Streaming Boot Camp
Jan. 10, 17, 24, Noon-2:30 EST


The pandemic has made treatment for resentment, anger, and emotional abuse more urgent.

It’s also reduced the ability to pay.

Now we have a streaming version with an installment plan.

After registration, you’ll be returned to the Webinars. It takes about 2 hours of review before each live session with Dr. Stosny.

If you can’t attend live sessions, submit questions for Dr. Stosny to answer during the recorded sessions. 


Questions to Ask Yourself

Do I want to be angry or resentful?

Do I like myself when I’m angry or resentful?

How does my anger and resentment affect my loved ones?


Effects on Children   

  • Depression
  • Aggressiveness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Low self-esteem
  • Chronic boredom
  • Overly-emotional
  • No emotions.

They may generally feel: 

  • Disregarded
  • Distrusting
  • Powerless, inadequate, or unlovable.

Children run a higher risk of:

  • Alcohol/drug abuse
  • Emotional disorders
  • Unhappy relationships
  • Becoming abusers or victims of abuse
  • Criminality.

Boot Camp Content

Session One: Personal Healing

Causes of chronic resentment, anger, emotional abuse

Fear-Shame Dynamic

Compassionate assertiveness

Core Value – Personal Immune System

Core Value Reconditioning

Session Two: Personal Healing in Relationship

Relationship destroyers


Binocular vision

Blind spots

Session Three: Relationship Repair

Residual emotions

Techniques of Repair


In all, 36 Webinars and text exercises, including follow-up materials. Approximately two hours are required prior to each live session. 

Three Follow-up Email Sessions

Participants can ask two questions each. Dr. Stosny’s answers are distributed anonymously to group members.


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Testimonials from Participants


Note: The boot camp is not for active domestic violence. Your local DV agency won’t produce change but will provide ongoing monitoring for safety. Near completion of a DV program is a prerequisite to the boot camp for violent offenders. 



$200 down, $125 on the first of the next three months.

Terms: Registrations are exchangeable but non-refundable. 

No insurance reimbursement.

(You’ll be directed to the boot camp course automatically after purchase.)

Emotional Abuse Treatment 1

Pay all at once for a $50 discount:

Emotional Abuse Treatment 1
Terms: Registrations are exchangeable but non-refundable. 

No insurance reimbursement.

(You’ll be directed to the boot camp course automatically after purchase.)

Private Boot Camp

Additional Information: CompassionPower.


Will your partner attend?

The Love without Hurt Boot Camp helps overcome the pain of living with chronic resentment, anger, or emotional abuse.

Nevertheless, your partner may not readily agree to attend a Boot Camp.

He or she is likely to blame you for the problems of the relationship and will not be highly motivated to change.

When living with a resentful or angry person, you can easily get stuck in a pendulum of pain:

“When my partner heals whatever hurt seems to cause the resentment and anger, then he/she will be more compassionate.”

The truth is:

Your partner will not heal – or be safe to live with – without becoming more compassionate.

Your compassion will heal you, not your partner.


Compassionate Assertiveness

In demanding change from your partner, emotional demeanor is more important than the words you use.

It must have conviction.

Conviction stems from this belief: for your family to have a better life, your partner must learn to sustain compassion.


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Best Emotional Abuse Treatment

There’s a surefire way to reduce anger and resentment and eliminate the possibility of emotional abuse: Build your Core Value.

Core Value is the ability to create value and meaning in your life. 


Drawing on 35 years experience (6,000+ clients), Dr. Stosny teaches:

  • The hidden role of fear and shame in resentment, anger, and abuse.
  • The latest scientific knowledge of how emotions work
  • How to protect your children from the damaging effects of resentment and anger
  • How to stay true to your deeper values
  • How to be the person and partner you most want to be.

Walking on Eggshells