The Powerful Self

Workbook and Recorded Webinar

Learn the Laws of Personal Power


The Powerful Self offers a potent approach to self-empowerment. The Powerful Self model developed by Dr. Steven Stosny is spreading the psychology of growth, healing, and creativity all over the world.


The Powerful Self shows how to enhance your sense of self for better health, well being, and success. It includes dozens of techniques and exercises to help you handle resentment, anger, anxiety, obsessions, low or false self-esteem, and all other feelings of powerlessness.

The book offers innovative and proven ways to regulate Weak Modes of Self - helpless, dependent, depressive, destructive - with POWER MODES - Competent, Growth/Creative, Healing/ Nurturing, Compassionate. The program enhances self-concept - what you believe about yourself, self-efficacy - your ability to set goals and meet them, self-esteem - how you feel about yourself, and identity - who you are and what you want the world to see in you. 

Hierarchy of Empowerment

When it comes to lasting change, certain areas of human psychology are more influential than others. Intervention in the top area has more far-reaching and effects than changes on the bottom of the hierarchy. Targets of The Powerful Self interventions are in blue.

  • Connection to one another: e.g., attachment, friendship, and/or to something larger, e.g., community, religion, political or social activism.
  • Emotional transformation capacity (intensity, duration, action impulse, and meaning of motivation and feelings are adjusted internally, allowing a range of appropriate, flexible, proactive emotional experience)
  • Sense of self (experience of self, what if feels like to be you, includes self- concept, self-esteem, self-efficacy, self-nurturing, identity)
  • Identity (who you are, what you expect of yourself, how you expect others to react to you)                                     
  • Beliefs (assumptions, interpretations, values)
  • Education/Information
  • Skill
  • Change of environment.

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