Five Recorded Webinars

Dr. Steven Stosny is pleased to present a recorded Webinar series on healing emotional injury. Although the causes of emotional injury are varied - betrayal, abuse, chronic rejection, prolonged grief, etc. - the deep healing process used in the Webinar is essential to all forms of emotional hurt. The focus will be fundamental healing, growth, and empowerment.

Webinar I
• Footprints on the heart and soul
• How to use the natural motivation of pain to heal
• How to build a Healing Identity
• How to change hidden guilt and shame into self compassion

Webinar II
• The key to healing and growth: Your Core Value
• Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress symptoms

Webinar III

Healing Painful Memories (two brief recorded webinars)

Session IV
Outgrowing the hurt and the danger of trust

Self-validation & Empowerment

Registrants will receive more than 20 pages of exercises and a .pdf file on Building Core Value



If your emotional injury involves intimate betrayal - abuse, infidelity, deceit - add Rebuilding a Betrayed Relationship for $15.95.