Resentment Quiz

Please place a check after each that applies:

I often feel take advantage of___

I sometimes feel manipulated___

I don’t feel appreciated___

I’m often treated unfairly___

All I get from my significant other is a few crumbs now and then___

Other people get more reward or notice from less effort than I make___

Most people are just concerned about themselves___

The most important people in my life don’t consider my feelings___

What I think and feel doesn’t matter to others___

I get frustrated when people don’t behave the way they should___

I feel like I give more than I get in return___

I feel like I am judged by a higher standard than others___

I often fantasize about getting back at jerks___

Sometimes the word, “compassion” irritates me___

I hate it when someone mentions things they’ve done for me___

If you’re not careful, you’ll be cheated most of the time___

I don’t get enough help___

I have to put up with more crap than a lot of other people___

I have a hard time getting my mind off problems when someone doesn’t behave like they should___

I have trouble thinking about a solution when someone else is to blame___

Total Score (add all the checks)___

Scoring Key

0-5: Congratulations, your level of resentment is not bad.

6-10: Resentment is becoming a problem for you. You may expect to be disappointed. In response, you may start looking for things to resent.

11 and above: You are entering the red zone of resentment, from where it can easily take over your emotional life without you ever knowing it.

Your tendency is to blame rather than improve. You must choose between blaming and improving – you cannot do both.

Above 20: Resentment is moving toward contempt and bitterness.