Anger Quizzes


Part I.

In general:

I dwell on things that bother me___

I have trouble listening to people who disagree with me___

I try to point out mistakes and flaws in other people___

Some people think I have a sarcastic sense of humor___

Some people think I’m insensitive___

It doesn’t take much to get me angry___

I sometimes hold onto resentments___

I often feel disrespected or treated unfairly by more than one person___

When something goes wrong, the most important think is finding out who’s to blame.___

Total number of checks X 2 ___

Part II:

During the past week, I felt:

Irritable ___

Tense, tensed up ___

Losing temper easily ___

Shaky ___

Angry ___

Annoyed ___

Restless ___

Mad ___

Resentful ___

Irritated by other people ___

Hot-tempered ___

Hostile ___

Total number of checks X 1 ___

Part III:

During the past week, I felt:

Rage ___

Hate ___

Furious ___

Like attacking people ___

Total number of checks x 3 ____

Total Score: add totals from Parts I, II, III.___

Scoring Key

Under 9: Congratulations, your level of anger is not bad. You might take this test occasionally to be sure it stays that way.

10-19: Anger is becoming a problem for you. You may be on edge about what might make you angry next.

20 and above: Anger is on the verge of taking over your life and your relationships, if it has not already.

Anger in Relationships Test

Please put a check next to all that apply.

When I am angry at my spouse (or significant other) and I think about his or her feelings:

I feel angrier ____

I feel kinder ____

I feel warmer ____

I feel furious ____

I don’t care about his or her point of view, at least not until I cool down ____

I feel patient ____

I feel like I should give support and sympathy ____

I feel like I should apologize for hurting his or her feelings ____

I feel charitable, forgiving ____

I find that I can’t think about what he or she is feeling until I calm down ____

I wish he or she would just see it the right way ____

Why should I see it their way, they don’t see my point of view ____

Subtract checks on b, c, f, g, h, i from checks on a, d, e, j, k, l.

Scoring Key

Any positive number indicates a potentially serious problem in your relationship.

Boot Camp


Impatience Test

Please put a check after each that applies.

When I’m in a hurry or need to get things done or just in the course of an ordinary day, I:

Lose track of other people’s perspectives ___

Fail to understand or care about how they feel ___

Feel disgusted by their choices ___

Feel held back ___

Feel like hardly anything works the way it should ___

Feel like the world is full of jerks___

Total Score (add all the checks)___

Scoring Key

0-1: Congratulations, you’re not too impatient.

2-3: Impatience is causing you a few problems.

3 and above: Impatience may be impairing your relationships and setting you up for failure.

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