Therapeutic Poetry

Psychological and psychotherapeutic considerations are important. Yet we must never forget that the human soul cries out for expression in ways that go beyond psychological discourse. Healing and growth require more than scientifically validated techniques, more than the emotion reconditioning work presented on this website.

Therapeutic poetry embodies deeper longings to create meaning and purpose.

Begin to write. Come up with a draft. Then try to take each line deeper into your heart and soul, where you will find your true power.

The Human Web
The energy of aggression never dies
It travels along a web of emotion
In faint pulses that connect us all.

Pulses crackle around us
Faces mirror each other
Bodies tilt toward one another
Shadows entangle
Crying out
To stop the erosion
Of what makes us human.

Visions of the Human Web
Pulses surround
A building on fire
A “chic high-rise”
A thousand windows
Belch black smoke,
Burnt cladding
Charred flesh
Choke those around me.

The formula for incendiary bombs
Was on the Internet
He confesses on social media
He put one in 11 key locations
Of the main duct system
(A tactical plan also on the Internet).
The young woman in Apartment 3114
Had blocked him
From her online sex games.

Social media goes ablaze with
“The first salvo of the class war.”

The arsonist, now a hero to those
Oppressed by the rich,
Rescinds his confession and
Proclaims himself a martyr
For economic justice.

The arson inspires a class war
That rages against the wealthy
In the name of equality.

Pulses like tiny explosions
Lead to four hospice centers
Four different cities
Four buildings explode
In perfect harmony
A fugue of fury.

Fiery hunks of wood
Careen toward me.

Social media rails against
The generation that
Bankrupted Social Security
Despoiled the planet
Sunk it in oceans angered
By melted icecaps.

All that I love
Grows through it all
Like prayer into deep space.