Soar Above Course

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Under stress, the human brain reverts to coping mechanisms forged earlier in life…

Some as far back as toddlerhood:

Blame, denial, avoidance.


When we use toddler coping mechanisms…

We’re bound to make the same mistakes over and over.

We’ll react to jerks like a jerk.

We’ll turn love relationships into cold shoulders, or worse.


Get off the Treadmill

The course shows how to develop habits to access the most profound part of the brain under stress.



  • Introduction: The Two Brains
  • The Profound Brain
  • Feeling Powerful vs. Being Powerful
  • Core Value
  • Core Value Narratives
  • How to Access the Adult Brain Under Stress
  • Turn Toddler Brain Feelings into Adult Brain Values
  • How to be the Person, Worker, Partner, and Parent You Most Want to Be

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