Empowered Love


When dealing with your spouse, does it seem as if rationality and compassion go out the window?

Couples therapist Steven Stosny explains it all in this revelatory book about the divide between our adult and our toddler brains.

Too often, conflict in intimate relationships reactivates our least-regulated “toddler” side, bringing out an instinctive desire to assert our own way and make everything a zero-sum game.

Dr. Stosny shows the way toward overcoming these destructive impulses and nurturing our more loving and clear-eyed inclinations.

Drawing upon his decades of experience in working with troubled marriages, he distills his insights into an actionable guide for embracing our best impulses in our relationships.

Empowered Love is a valuable guide for married and live-in couples who struggle with an unhealthy dynamic.


Praise for the Author

“The book takes readers beyond verbal affirmations to taking actions that provide a meaningful basis for moving ahead with the healing process.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Stosny’s workbook-like exercises help you apply what you’re learning to your own unique situation. You’ll feel like you have a personal coach guiding you to better times!”—Michele Weiner-Davis, author of Divorce Busting and The Sex-Starved Marriage

“Stosny has broken new ground for individuals moving forward from any type of betrayal or violation of the intimate bonds of relationships. He takes the reader beyond hurt, even beyond healing, into the area of personal mastery by way of compassion.”—Patricia Love, Ed.D., coauthor of How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It and Never Be Lonely Again.