Empowered Love

empowered love

Deepen the experience of love…

And makes relationships safe and secure…

By drawing on the most profound part of the brain.

We fall in love in the
Toddler brain…

The volatile and impulsive limbic system…

Which reaches maturity by age three.

We stay in love in the profoundest part of the Adult brain…

The prefrontal cortex, which reaches full maturity by age 28.

Toddler brain love is filled with wonder at first…

But inevitably causes conflict and pain.

Adult love rises from our deepest, most humane values:

Compassion, kindness, and desire for mutual growth.



Love in two brains

Alarm Systems & Reality-Testing

How Can I be Me while You’re being You?

Toddler Coping

How to Balance Autonomy & Connection

Core Value Narratives

How to Turn Toddler Feelings into Adult Motivations

Binocular Vision

Barriers to Binocular Vision

How to Make Love Soar

“Teach me how to love you.”


Review 12 brief Webinars and complete the exercises (about 2 hours work) before the session. 

Dr. Stosny will go over your exercises and answer questions on how to have an empowered love during the live session.


Empowered Love 5

Empowered Love 5

Note: This workshop is not for chronic resentment, anger, or emotional abuse. If those are issues, please refer to the Love without Hurt Boot Camp.

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