emotional growth

Emotional Growth

Emotional growth is increasing the ability to maintain well-being under stress.

It requires internal immunity, so that stress doesn’t devalue us…

And proactive coping…

That allows us to improve conditions, rather make them worse or try to hide from them.


In this two-part course, you’ll learn how to:

Overcome growth-inhibiting habits

Use the most profound part of your brain under any kind of stress

Marshall your full mental resources to make your life better.



Soar Above

The Two Brains

How We Cope

Dynamics of Emotion Interaction

(how we react to a jerk like a jerk)

Create Value & Meaning

Core Value

Core Value Narratives

Toddler Brain Feelings into Adult Brain Values

How to Access the Profound Brain under Stress

Part II

The Powerful Self

Weak Modes, Power Modes

Failure Signals, Correction Signals

Present & Future

Transitions from Weak Modes to Power Modes

Power Mode Answers

How to be the Person You Most Want to Be


Emotional Growth 3




Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels