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The Endless Alarm

There is a sharp increase in anxiety around the world. 

The American Psychological Association reports that more than two-thirds of respondents to its surveys indicate elevated levels of anxiety and stress. 

In response, Dr. Stosny has created this Webinar course on overcoming anxiety. 


In all animals, anxiety signals a possibility of harm, deprivation, or sexual failure.

In social animals, it signals a possibility of abandonment or loss of status.


Anxiety tells us to pay attention, something different might happen.

Without anxiety, we could be killed crossing the street.


Beneficial anxiety tells us to improve:

Self-acceptance – we’re too self-critical

Self-care – we need to sleep, eat-well, exercise, practice self-compassion

Relationshipswe need to be more compassionate, kind, loving, fair.


Problem Anxiety

All signals mean something bad will happen…

And I won’t be able to cope with it. 



Scanning – taking in a lot of superficial information (hard to focus)

Thought-racing – the faster they go, the less realistic they get

Thought-looping – thinking the same things over and over

Self-consciousness – I might be judged

Vigilance – judging others

A sense that you won’t be able to cope.


A lot of resentment and anger is anxiety we blame on others…

Something bad will happen and it’s your fault!

Blame creates more anxiety and deteriorates relationships.


The Way Out

Core Value Reconditioning prevents some anxiety.

Additional skills help regulate the anxiety reconditioning can’t prevent.


Course Content:

    • Anxiety, the Endless Alarm
    • Reconditioning 
    • How to Overcome Anxiety
    • The Urge to Control and Resist
    • Anxiety and Depression
    • Anxiety and Good Will in Families


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