Compassionate Parenting 5


Increase cooperation, raise self-value, reduce anger…

In you and your children.


Enjoy your children while guiding them.

Address before-the-fact motivation of behavior…

Instead of after-the-fact consequences.

The result is effective discipline, better relationships.


The Five Rs of Successful Living

  1. Resourcefulness
  2. Responsibility
  3. Respect
  4. Relationship Investment
  5. Regulation of impulses and emotions


Contents (14 prerecorded Webinars)


Parental Modeling


Emotion Regulation

Choice & Responsibility


Disrespectful Children


Reconcile Different Parenting Styles

Mitigating Media Violence

Treating Violence

Stages of Development

Compassionate Parenting Do’s & Don’ts

Exercises & Quizzes



My Good Heart: Drawing the Greatness Inside Ages 5-8

Webinar package for ages 9-13 (12 brief Webinars).



Compassionate Parenting 6

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Courses on Healing

Relationship Courses