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Saturday, February 28 2015

For professionals & educators

Power Love
CD-ROM to engage men in marriage education
Supplements Marriage Education Courses
Suitable for Church Groups

Women maintain and nurture relationships, but men decide whether they improve or don't improve

Most marriage enrichment programs are designed for women, leaving men the choice of feeling like women or becoming more emotionally isolated.

In today's high divorce environment, many men sadly fall in love with their wives as they walk out the door.

Powerful marriage is not about gender or feelings or getting what you want or increasing communication skill.

Powerful marriage is about staying in touch with your deepest Core Value.

Learn decisive, scientifically-validated, bottom-line behaviors to:
  • Strengthen marriage in just 4 3/4 minutes per day
  • Vitalize intimate life
  • Eliminate resentment
  • Balance the three levels of connection proven to be necessary for happy, productive living:
    • Intimate
    • Communal
    • Spiritual

The following are just some of the effects of unhappy marriage on work, health, and well being.

Higher error rates, impaired problem-solving, reduced creativity - narrow and rigid focus or high distractibility - anxiety, worry, depression,  resentment, anger, aggression, escalating over-reaction, exhaustion, illness, alcoholism, chronic overeating, poor depth perception, heavy foot" on the gas, isolation, infidelity, shortened lifespan, and suicide.

Happy Couples = Happy Kids

  • The Power LoveTM  manual, guaranteed to increase value and reduce resentment (.pdf file on the disk)
  • Increasing Value Manual for additional handouts
  • PowerPoint Presentations of Power Love and The Genuine Life
  Download the Power Love Package for $15

Power Love for Macs