Webinar Series Nov. 26, Dec. 3, 7 pm EST

Relationship betrayal has many faces, including deceit, infidelity, abuse, and walking on eggshells to appease a partner who is chronically resentful, angry, or self-obsessed. If you have felt betrayed by a lover in a committed relationship, you know all too well that intimate betrayal is a pain unlike any other, striking at the core of our capacity to trust and love.

But the scars gouged into the heart in hurtful relationships are not permanent. This Webinar series shows how to develop a healing identity that focuses on strengths, resilience, self-compassion, and compassion for others. It shows how to create the value, appreciation, and purpose necessary for emotional healing. It shows how to control the meaning of your life. All the above are necessary to repair a relationship damaged by betrayal.

Part I (Nov. 26):
* Types of intimate betrayal
* Becoming clear about what you want
* There must be a guarantee of safety
* Compassionate Commitments from the betrayaer
* The time dimensions of recovery

Part II (Dec. 3):
* The reconnection dilemma: Deciding the level of connection you want
* Developing an attitude of connection
* Becoming each other's advocates
* Lifelines
* Power Love Formula
* Forgiveness

Part III:
Dr. Stosny will respond to registrants who send in the exercises of the Webinar series and questions about it in a collective email.

Included in the series:

  • Two live webinars (with recordings provided afterwards)
  • Six recorded Webinar sessions on emotional healing, core value, binocular vision, and healing painful memories.
  • Email follow-ups
  • More than 40 pages of exercises.