Anger Management Quiz

Anger, resentment, impatience, jealousy and aggressive impulses tell you that something you value seems threatened, your value as a person seems threatened, your personal values are in conflict, you are devaluing those you love.

Love, Anger & Resentment Facts
Many subtle and hidden forms of anger, resentment, and aggression as well as obvious ones, ruin health, love, and relationships.

Anger, resentment, and impatience:

  • Increase risk of many deadly disorders, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, high blood pressure
  • Increase risk of depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug-addiction, and other compulsive behavior, such as workaholism and extra-marital affairs, are strongly associated with anger and resentment
  • Reduce performance competence while raising performance expectations
  • Increase error rates and misjudgments
  • Make you a reactaholic - when other people "push your buttons," you’re a powerless reactor
  • Eventually ruin intimacy and sex life
  • Create power struggles
  • Cause behavior impulses to:
    • Control/neutralize
    • Warn-threaten-intimidate
    • Inflict injury on feelings
    • Inflict injury on the body
  • Eliminate positive passion (conviction, meaning, intensity of purpose) through compulsion to avenge, punish, or withdrawal.

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