Healing Angry Adolescents

Guide for Counselors and Parents  

Power Quest is a program consisting of animated PowerPoint slides to train teens in anger control and resentment reduction. The program goes far beyond anger management in getting teens in touch with their core value. Depending on level of literacy, it is appropriate for semi mature teens 12-16.


The program invokes the innate value of children to regulate their aggressive emotions by associating their Core Value with states of anger and resentment. Repetition of the various Power Quest levels builds a conditioned response that occurs automatically when students start to get angry or resentful. When they feel devalued, they automatically value themselves more, reducing urges to avenge, punish, and withdraw.

Power Quest is a useful addition to any program to reduce violence.


The program includes several “Smart Emotions” segments to raise emotional intelligence, an important variable in school, work, and relationship success. It empowers children to be stewards of their own interest and value creation, which they can then “invest” for their best interest.


School counselors, social workers, psychologists, therapists, or parents should go over the following pages with the students for about two or three sessions to ensure that they do the required number of repetitions.

Session One


Core Value

1. Does the idea of Core Value make sense to you?


Yes___ Some___ No___


2. Core Value is feeling that you are as valuable as everyone on earth and that you can respect the value of other people. Can you feel your Core Value?


Yes___ Some___ No___


3. How do you know that you have Core Value? (Check all that apply.)


a. I would save a child in a desert ___


b. I can love at least one other person ___


c. I can see the good in people ___


4. Draw two images of your Core Value.






















5. Practice valuing everyone you see, on the street, in classrooms, in the hallway, and at home. And see how great it makes you feel.

Session Two



How many times per day do you do the HEALS exercise on the Power Quest program?


12 10 5 Fewer


Do you feel yourself getting stronger as you practice?


  Yes No


Check all that apply:


___ HEALS takes me from anger and nervousness to my Core Value


___ HEALS is an exercise to keep me strong


___ HEALS is a way to prevent anger in the future.



Create Value

You and you alone create the value in your life. Where do you want to invest it? What will give you the most return?


___ Games ___ TV ___ Homework.



Check all that are good reasons to help around the house:


___ There isn't one.


___ Mom and Dad work hard.


___ Why should I help them, they don't care about me.


___ I care about them.


___ Then they'll owe me.


___ I feel better about myself when I cooperate.

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